About Ambon

Ambon is a horseshoe shaped island, with Ambon Bay reaching about 20 miles into the centre, surrounded by a tropical landscape of lush green hills. The regional capital, Kota Ambon, is on the other side of the bay about 30 minutes from Bluemotion. Although travellers often pass through Ambon while visiting Maluku, tourism is not yet highly developed. Staying a while in this area gives you the chance to discover ‘authentic Indonesia’.



Apart from the incredible diving, many other activities are available. We can organize a car with a driver and/or tour guide for sightseeing. You can spend the day at the beach, snorkeling and sunbathing, soak in a hot tub, visit one of Kota Ambon’s unique coffeehouses, or just wander around friendly, bustling markets and colourful streets. Local adventures include a visit to the lafresh water eels in Larike, which are harmless and so tame they swim into your hands. If you are interested in jungle trips, a guide can help you find exotic birds and amazing butterflies.If you want to explore the island yourself, it is best to rent a scooter and drive along the coast road. We are happy to help you organize a scooter. In the surrounding also many idyllically remote and untouched islands are in easy reach.